Trib Talk: Public access to Utah’s streams and rivers

By Jennifer Napier-Pearce

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: February 12, 2014 01:44PM
Updated: February 18, 2014 01:57PM

Anglers, rafters and bird watchers have been fighting for public access of rivers and streams for decades, arguing all waterways belong to the public. But that notion rankles some private property owners, who don’t want recreationalists traipsing onto their land. HB37 has been presented as a compromise, but will the bill satisfy the various parties?

On Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., Kris Olson of Utah Stream Access Coalition, Randy Parker of the Utah Farm Bureau, and Tribune outdoor editor and environmental reporter Brett Prettyman join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to discuss balancing public access with private property rights.

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