Letter: Taxpayers should see detailed study on prison move
Published: February 9, 2014 10:24PM
Updated: February 9, 2014 10:24PM

The governor talks about fixing Utah air quality, but his actions don’t match the talk. Moving the state prison to free up 750 acres for development in Draper and a crude-oil pipeline from Roosevelt to the Salt Lake Valley would make air problems worse.

The Draper element of I-15 is already being overwhelmed by traffic growth from Thanksgiving Point, Point of Mountain and the NSA facility. Adding new ramps to support development of the 750 acres and the additional traffic would create new air problems.

The proposed 135-mile pipeline may be a better option than the current truck traffic, but it also would mean a long-term commitment to continuing oil refining at higher production rates in the Salt Lake Valley.

I suggest that taxpayers, who are being asked to fund a new prison, deserve to see a critically reviewed 10-year environmental impact study. It would be absurd to fund a new prison without this critical assessment.

Will Finlayson