DVD review: Romance, and other family ties, fill lovely ‘About Time’
Published: February 5, 2014 08:46AM
Updated: February 4, 2014 09:41AM
Tim (Domnhall Gleeson, left) tries to create the perfect romance for Mary (Rachel McAdams) in the time-travel romantic comedy "About Time." Courtesy Universal Pictures

Grade • A-

DVD • The joy of “About Time,” the warm romantic comedy from writer-director Richard Curtis (“Love Actually”), is that it’s so much more than a romantic comedy.

Sure, it’s got a delightful coupling between Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams), who go from meet-cute through marriage and kids with Tim’s secret weapon: The inherited ability to travel back in time, just by wishing it so.

But Curtis also plumbs deeper emotional waters in the relationship between Tim and his father, played by the serenely charming Bill Nighy, who shares with Tim the family secret and much hard-won life advice.

The movie has some big ideas, about the value of time and how to spend it wisely, but delivers them with a light touch.