Letter: Strengthen Obamacare; states can’t do the job
Published: February 2, 2014 10:28PM
Updated: February 2, 2014 10:28PM

It’s time for the Republican Party to get on board and rejoin the Union. Obamacare may have problems, but they can be fixed. And don’t forget our former health care system (without comprehensive quality standards) was a failure.

We had too many people uninsured or with deceptive junk policies, cancellations, prior-condition restrictions and coverage limits. We need reliable, fair, universal, affordable care to protect the nation from communicable, transmittable, and environmental disease; for control of microbial resistance to antibiotics; and to deal with new diseases coming to the U.S. along with travel and climate change.

We need universal care as a small step toward reducing the dangerous income inequality that we face. No, Sen. Hatch, tax breaks will not do. Utah Sen. Stuart Adams (“Let Utah escape Affordable Care Act,” Opinion, Jan 26) wants Utah and other states to “escape the Affordable Care Act” by allowing each state to design its own plans.

That would raise costs and lessen portability between states. Utahns are not special; we have the same anatomy, physiology and susceptibility to disease or injury as anyone else and have the same health care needs. Strengthen Obamacare as our national system.

William A. Brindley