Man charged with beating up Boy Scouts at Ruby’s Inn
Published: January 31, 2014 07:37AM
Updated: January 30, 2014 10:14PM

A Draper man is accused of attacking Boy Scouts while he was drunk in a hotel swimming pool near Bryce Canyon.

In charges filed Tuesday, police wrote that the man, 19, punched, kicked and elbowed four different Scouts, ages 12 and 13, on Jan. 24 in the pool at Ruby’s Inn.

When officers arrived at the hotel, they found the man “passed out on his bed laying in puke,” police wrote. Another man fled the room through a bathroom window as officers discovered drug paraphernalia and evidence of drug possession, in addition to underage drinking.

The Scout leaders reported the attacks, but the suspect said he was too drunk to remember them.

The man was charged in Garfield County with third-degree felony child abuse and three misdemeanor counts of child abuse, as well as unlawful attempt by a minor to gain entry to a tavern and intoxication, both misdemeanors.