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Bobsled World Cup: Germany tops U.S., Park City's Holcomb

Published January 6, 2014 10:53 am

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Bobsled driver Steven Holcomb didn't win a medal. But at least he didn't crash, either.

The Park City native and his crew on the "Night Train 2" sled, including Alpine's Chris Fogt, finished a relieved seventh in a World Cup four-man race at Winterberg, Germany, on Sunday, after crashing twice on the course earlier in the week — once in training, and once in another four-man race on Saturday.

"It's been a challenge this week to say the least," U.S. coach Brian Shimer said. "It's good to get a reality check and to know the rest of the world isn't going to roll over and let us take the prize. It's going to be a battle, and we'll be prepared for it. We knew this would be the worst stop on tour for us, so we'll lick our wounds and move on."

Holcomb finished in a two-run combined time of 1 minute, 51.03 seconds — 0.01 seconds out of sixth place and 0.94 seconds behind winner of Germany's Maximillian Arndt. The rough weekend snapped his streak of winning the first seven races of the season.

The next World Cup stop is next weekend at St. Moritz, Switzerland. —

Bobsled World Cup results


At Winterberg, Germany


1. Germany (Maximilian Arndt, Marko Huebenbecker, Alexander Roediger, Martin Putze), 1:50.09 (55.02-55.07).

2. Germany (Francesco Friedrich, Jannis Baecker, Gregor Bermbach, Thorsten Margis), 1:50.32 (55.05-55.27).

3. Germany (Thomas Florschuetz, Joshua Bluhm, Kevin Kuske, Christian Poser), 1:50.49 (55.21-55.28).

4. Russia (Alexander Zubkov, Alexey Negodaylo, Dmitry Trunenkov, Aleksei Pushkarev), 1:50.52 (55.18-55.34).

5. Canada (Chris Spring, Jesse Lumsden, Cody Sorensen, Ben Coakwell), 1:50.83 (55.32-55.51).

6. Switzerland (Beat Hefti, Alex Baumann, Juerg Egger, Thomas Amrhein), 1:51.02 (55.47-55.55).

7. United States (Steven Holcomb, Curtis Tomasevicz, Steven Langton, Christopher Fogt), 1:51.03 (55.39-57.64).

8. Russia (Nikita Zakharov, Ilvir Huzin, Petr Moiseev, Nikolay Khrenkov), 1:51.12 (55.62-55.50).

9. Canada (Lyndon Rush, Neville Wright, David Bissett, Lascelles Brown), 1:51.17 (55.42-55.75).

10. Russia (Alexander Kasjanov, Philipp Egorov, Maxim Belugin, Maxim Mokrousov), 1:51.18 (55.46-55.72).


13. United States (Cory Butner, Adam Clark, Andreas Drbal, Chris Langton), 1:51.54 (55.95-55.59).

16. United States (Nick Cunningham, Dallas Robinson, Johnny Quinn, Abraham Morlu), 1:51.67 (55.76-55.91).

World Cup Standings

(After five events)

1. Maximilian Arndt, Germany, 1,038 points.

2. Alexander Zubkov, Russia, 922.

3. Steven Holcomb, United States, 911.

4. Chris Spring, Canada, 904.

5. Thomas Florschuetz, Germany, 864.

6. Alexander Kasjanov, Russia, 816.

7. Francesco Friedrich, Germany, 756.

8. Justin Kripps, Canada, 752.

9. Lyndon Rush, Canada, 686.

10. John James Jackson, Britain, 674.


16. Nick Cunningham, United States, 552.

17. Cory Butner, United States, 550.

18. Codie Bascue, United States, 546.

34. Jay Noller, United States, 340.

44. Colin Coughlin, United States, 252.

56. Jake Peterson, United States, 164.


1. Germany (Sandra Kiriasis and Franziska Fritz), 1:55.41 (57.83-57.58).

2. United States (Elana Meyers and Lolo Jones), 1:55.42 (57.90-57.52).

3. Germany (Anja Schneiderheinze and Stephanie Schneider), 1:55.48 (57.79-57.69).

4. United States (Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans), 1:55.52 (57.76-57.76).

5. Canada (Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse), 1:55.63 (57.88-57.75).

6. Belgium (Elfje Willemsen and Hanna Marien), 1:55.92 (58.08-57.84).

7. Netherlands (Esme Kamphuis and Judith Vis), 1:55.97 (58.06-57.91).

8. Switzerland (Caroline Spahni and Elisabeth Graf), 1:56.01 (58.11-57.90).

9. United States (Jazmine Fenlator and Lauryn Williams), 1:56.09 (58.03-58.06).

10. Switzerland (Fabiennne Meyer and Tanja Mayer), 1:56.19 (58.12-58.07).

World Cup Standings

(After five of eight events)

1. Elana Meyers, United States, 1,080.

2. Kaillie Humphries, Canada, 1,012.

3. Jamie Greubel, United States, 1,002.

4. Sandra Kiriasis, Germany, 889.

5. Cathleen Martini, Germany, 872.

6. Jazmine Fenlator, United States, 850.

7. Anja Schneiderheinze, Germany, 784.

8. Caroline Spahni, Switzerland, 784.

9. Elfje Willemsen, Belgium, 760.

10. Olga Stulneva, Russia, 752.