Layton police: Fatal autoped near hospital may have been suicide
Psychiatric evaluation • Man hit by car on I-15 had just fled guards, police.

By Bob Mims

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: January 3, 2014 11:34AM
Updated: January 3, 2014 09:16PM

A man fatally struck by cars on Interstate 15 in Layton had just fled a nearby hospital, where he was to undergo an involuntary psychiatric evaluation, and was being chased by security and local law officers at the time his death.

James Flynn, 29, had been admitted to Davis Hospital earlier Thursday by Syracuse police. About 6 p.m., as Layton police arrived at the hospital on another matter, Flynn broke loose from hospital security and fled the grounds. Layton police joined guards in trying to take Flynn into custody.

“He ran out of the hospital and into the east-side parking lot, where he jumped over a fence and onto an off-ramp,” said Layton police Lt. Shawn Horton. “One of our officers said it appeared he was trying to get into the [travel] lanes, apparently attempting suicide.”

As officers pleaded with Flynn to return, he reportedly continued to wander on the southbound lanes of I-15 until he was struck by first one car and then another. Layton officers immediately halted traffic and retrieved Flynn, administering CPR until medical personnel arrived.

A short time later, Flynn was pronounced dead by doctors at Davis Hospital.

Utah Highway Patrol troopers closed down a portion of I-15 near Layton for nearly three hours while the investigation was conducted.

UHP Sgt. Todd Royce said Friday that the official determination on cause of death would not be released until after evidence, including an autopsy, is reviewed.

Syracuse police did not inquiries seeking background on what led Flynn being taken to the hospital.

A search of 2nd District Court records found Flynn had a record of past drug-related, speeding, assault, theft and trespassing convictions over the past decade.

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