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Utahn Tyson Apostol is oh so close to winning on 'Survivor'

Published December 14, 2013 1:13 pm

Television • Will Tyson Apostol triumph? We'll find out on Sunday night.
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Tyson Apostol made it to the Final Five on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water." Unless he has some kind of super brain cramp, he'll make it to the Final Four.

The Utahn has an immunity idol in his pocket, and the last time he can use it is at the next tribal council — the first of three in Sunday's season finale (7 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2). So there would be absolutely no reason he wouldn't use it.

The big question is whether Apostol can, um, survive the tribal council that comes after that, make it to the final three and make his case for why he should win the million dollars.

This is Apostol's third time on "Survivor" and the farthest he's made it. He finished eighth in "Survivor: Tocantins" in 2009 and 15th in "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" in 2010.

"I've learned a few things along the way," Apostol said before "Blood vs. Water" began. "I've always been smart. Now I'm smarter."

If he can make it to the Final Three, he stands a decent chance of winning because he has played the smartest game of anyone this season. Of course, that's not a given. There are people on the jury who are mad at him because he outplayed them.

The insanity — aka fun — continued in Wednesday's episode when Ciera Eastin and Hayden Moss desperately tried to pull Monica Culpepper out of her alliance with Apostol and Gervase Peterson. They exaggerated — aka lied — about things Apostol and Peterson had supposedly said behind Culpepper's back.

Peterson fought back; Apostol did the smart thing — he didn't get into a shouting match.

Through the magic of editing, viewers were left to wonder how Culpepper was going to vote. She talked about how hurt she was by things Apostol and Peterson supposedly said, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Eastin would say anything to win her vote. Eastin won the immunity challenge and was safe; she and Moss declared their intention to vote to oust Peterson; whom would Culpepper vote for?

She voted for Moss. Of course.

Here's where we stand heading into Sunday's two-hour season finale:

• The three contestants on Redemption Island — Laura Morett, Tina Wesson and Moss — will face off in a challenge to determine who re-enters the game.

• The next challenge will determine which of the Final Five will have immunity for the tribal council that follows. (And won't it be interesting if Apostol wins — he'll be able to hand immunity to someone else because he already has the immunity idol.)

• In the first of three tribal councils, one of the Final Five will be voted out.

• The second immunity challenge will be crucial. You have to think that Apostol really, REALLY needs to win this one to make it to the Final Three. He's seen as such a huge threat, it would be no surprise if members of his own alliance turn on him.

• In the second of three tribal councils, one contestant will be voted out.

• Then the Final Three will make their case to members of the jury; the jury will ask questions; the jury will vote; host Jeff Probst will read the votes; we'll find out who wins.

• And then they'll all talk about it in the reunion show.

We'll find out if Apostol can pull this off on Sunday night.


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