A few more days of hazy skies before a cold front comes to Utah
Weather • A cold front is expected to hit Utah on Tuesday.
Published: November 30, 2013 04:45PM
Updated: November 30, 2013 09:37AM

Northern Utahns can expect a few more days of hazy skies and mild temperatures this weekend before a cold front is expected to hit, bringing snowfall.

The National Weather Service reports that the cold front will hit northern Utah early Tuesday, then will continue south through the rest of Utah through Tuesday night. It is expected that the cold front will bring snowfall to the valley floor Tuesday into Wednesday.

But before the cold front comes, Utahns will have to endure a few more days of hazy skies.

The high temperature on Saturday, from Logan to Salt Lake City to Cedar City, is expected to hover near 50 degrees, while it is expected to warm up to about 60 degrees further south near St. George.

Hazy skies are expected to continue into Sunday, with similar high temperatures of 50 degrees across the state, and a warmer 60 degrees in southern Utah.

On Monday, it is expected to be sunnier and highs are expected in the mid-50s statewide.

For more information, visit the Salt Lake Tribune’s weather page.


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