The Cricket’s Daily 3: The dumbest ‘Star Wars’ rumor ever
Published: November 12, 2013 07:22AM
Updated: November 13, 2013 09:12AM
U.S actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives on the red carpet for the World Premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, at a central London cinema, Monday, Nov. 11, 2013. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Here’s what’s being talked about in pop culture:

• Jennifer Lawrence dispels what has to be the dumbest rumor ever regarding the “Star Wars” franchise: That she’s in the running to play a young Han Solo in a standalone origin movie. [The Huffington Post]

• ABC has apologized twice for a skit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that was offensive to Chinese people -- yet the Chinese government demands an apology with a “sincere attitude.” Have they never seen Kimmel’s act? Sincere is the last thing he’d ever be. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• CNN is reportedly in talks to hire Brian Stelter, the New York Times’ hotshot media reporter, to host its “Reliable Sources” show on Sunday. [Los Angeles Times]