Local TV stations win a whole bunch of regional Emmy Awards
Published: November 6, 2013 09:24PM
Updated: November 6, 2013 04:58PM
Courtesy photo Neil Patrick Harris will host the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 22. In Utah, the telecast will air live at 6 p.m. on CBS/Channel 2.
A whole bunch of 2013 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards were recently awarded to local UtahTV stations. Which is great. Congratulations to all the winners, drawn from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and El Centro, California.
There are tons of regional Emmys handed out to tons of people at tons of stations across the country. As you'll note, the categories are very different from the Prime Time Emmy Awards. And there are ties in many categories.
And not all stations participate, mostly because not all stations want to pay the fees required to submit entries. Which is worth keeping in mind.
Here's the list of the local winners from the 2013 awards.

Sports - News Single Story
"Kicking and Screaming," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey, Linda Williams - KSL 5 News
"The Lexe Selman Story," Matthew Glade, Jeremiah Jensen. David Noriega -KSL 5 News
Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports), Live or Edited
"The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Presents The Joy of Song," Jim Bell, Edward Payne, Mack Wilberg, Derek Marquis, Scott Swofford, Terri Pappas - BYU Broadcasting
Religion - Program Feature/Segment
"Finding Forgiveness," Irinna Danielson, Lance Hope - KSL 5 News
"Katherine Nelson," Tim Johnson - KSL 5 News
Religion - Program/Special
"Miracle of Music: Lessons Learned by the Piano Guys," Irinna Danielson - KSL 5 News
Education/Schools-Program Feature/Segment/Program/Special
"Utah's Perfect Storm: Drought, Debt, & The Great Depression," Rob Sibley - BYU Broadcasting
Historic/Cultural - Program/Special
"Beehive Spirits," Tyler Measom - KUED Productions
Photographer - News - No Time Limit
"Ashton Goodell Visual Storyteller," Ashton Goodell - KSTU-TV Fox 13 News
Editor - Program (Non-News)
"Program Editing Composite - Martha Hughes Cannon, Makers: Voices of Utah Women, Beehive Spirits," Carol Dalrymple - KUED Productions
Audio-Live or Post Production
"The PianoGuys: Live from Red Butte Garden," William Gordon, William Montoya - KUED Productions
Arts/Entertainment - Program / Special
"The Song That Change My Life - Howard Jones," Derek Marquis, Scott Swofford, Terri Pappas, Sam Cardon, Russ Kendall, Micah Merrill - BYU Broadcasting
Promotion Program - Single Spot or Campaign
"BYUtv Spring Frames," Sam Cardon, Brian Berthold, Michelle Budge, Adam Forbes, Joseph Belliston - BYU Broadcasting
Promotion Program - Sports
"Ready for More: BYUtv Sports - Countdown to Kickoff," Brian Berthold, Robert York, Derek Pueblo - BYU Broadcasting
Interview/Discussion-Program/Special or Series
"The Story Trek - God Has Something Better," Derek Marquis, Scott Swofford, Terri Pappas, Jared Shores, Todd Hansen, Eric Gaylord - BYU Broadcasting
Student: Long Form - Fiction/NonFiction
"Mr. Bellpond," Nicholas Dixon, A. Todd Smith - Brigham Young University
Student: Writing
"Dante's Hamlet," Babetta Kelly - Brigham Young University
Student: Talent
"Dante's Hamlet," Babetta Kelly - Brigham Young University
Student Photographer
"Dante's Hamlet," Lauren Merkley - Brigham Young University
Student: Editor
"Dante's Hamlet," Jace Nava - Brigham Young Univeristy
Student: Director
"Dance," Eric Pasternak - Brigham Young University
Teen (13 and up) - Program/Special
"Conexao," Luiz Malaman, Saul Leal, Derek Marquis, Scott Swofford - BYU Broadcasting
Teen (13 and up) - News Single Story/Series/Feature
"Wrestling with Bullies," Roxeanne Vainuku, Matthew Michela - KUTV
Video Journalist
"Beehive Artist," Peter Rosen - KSL 5 News
"Trucker's Telescope," Peter Rosen - KSL 5 News
Graphic Arts - Graphics/Animation
Justin Carter - KSL 5 News
"Beehive Stories: Iron County," Brad Barber, Micah Dahl Anderson, John Bills - KBYU Eleven & Brigham Young University
"Bystander Effect," Andrew Wittenberg, Ken Fall - KSL 5 News
Documentary - Cultural
"Heroes de La Comunidad- Visibles y Invisibles," Luiz Malaman, Saul Leal, Scott Swofford, Derek Marquis - BYU Broadcasting
"Tesoros Escondidos -Tamborileros," Luiz Malaman, Saul Leal, Scott Swofford, Derek Marquis - BYU Broadcasting
Documentary - Historical
"Martha Hughes Cannon," Nancy Green, Ken Verdoia, Joe Prokop, Cheryl Niederhauser - KUED Productions
"Utah Vietnam War Stories: Turning Point," Sally Shaum, Ken Verdoia, Elizabeth Searles, Bill Lauer - KUED Productions
Human Interest - News Single Story/Series/Feature
"English Channel Swimmer," Alan Neves - KSL 5 News
Human Interest-Program Feature/Segment
"The Story Trek, The Accident that Changed My Life," Todd Hansen, Todd Tanner, Eric Gaylord - BYU Broadcasting
Human Interest - Program/Special
"Makers: Voices of Utah Women," Nancy Green, Natalie Avery, Carol Dalrymple - KUED Productions
"La Cocina de La Abuela- Mazamorra Chiquita," Luiz Malaman, Scott Swofford, Derek Marquis, Saul Leal - BYU Broadcasting
Societal Concerns - Program Feature/Segment
"Hands Free," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey - KSL 5 News
Societal Concerns - Program/Special
"Turning Point - Floating Doctors," Derek Marquis, Scott Swofford, Terri Pappas, Jared Shores, Sam Wallace, Marty Patch - BYU Broadcasting
General Assignment Report
"NCAA Impact," Andrew Wittenberg - KSL 5 News
Breaking News
"2News at 10," Keira Farrimond, Erik Bullard - KUTV
Spot News
"The Dam Break," Alex Cabrero - KSL 5 News
Continuing Coverage
"Radon Unregulated," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey, Linda Williams - KSL 5 News
Feature News Report-Light Feature or Light Series
"Ghost Hunters," Andrew Wittenberg, Jared Hargrave, Peter Rosen - KSL 5 News
"Homeless Resume," Keith McCord - KSL 5 News
"Jon Carter: One On One," Dave McCann - KSL 5 News
News Special
"Firewatch: Utah Burning," Linda Williams - KSL 5 News
On-Camera Talent - Program Host/Moderator
"American Ride - Legacy of Lincoln," Stanford Ellsworth - BYU Broadcasting