Helmet video: Flip, ride a bike off southern Utah cliffs
Published: October 25, 2013 11:52AM
Updated: October 25, 2013 01:25PM

Last week we posted video of Cam Zink’s gravity-defying bike ride at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah.

Zink took third place in the competition, but this week GoPro Camera posted a video of second-place finisher Kelly McGarry.

And it’s all in first person.

The video was shot with a GoPro camera mounted to McGarry’s helmet, which means it’s as close as a lot of us will get to riding our bikes off red rock cliffs.

Zink’s video is more straightforward, but McGarry’s may be more terrifying — especially when he does flips. It’s also interesting to hear him panting through the entire thing; that really drives home how intense, both physically and emotionally, this sport must be.

So take a look and keep in mind that the bigger the screen the better, or more real, it will feel.


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