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Shutdown affords great trip, new lingo

Published October 12, 2013 1:01 am

This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2013, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

We've been planning a family trip to Arches, and when news hit the park was closed, we decided to go to Moab anyway and focus on things outside the park. We had an awesome time! Since our standby favorites weren't available, we were free to discover new areas and create some new family favorites. Try Sego Canyon, Hunters Canyon and the Kane Creek road area. Hardly noticed the park was closed. Thinking about heading to San Rafael while the weather holds.

Also the shutdown has given our family a new term. Going "government shutdown" is now a description of a huge temper tantrum, refusing to do something you know you have to do anyway (homework) or holding the rest of the family "hostage" by refusing to cooperate until you get your way. My 8- and 11-year-olds now use this term regularly.

So thank you, Congress, for a wonderful trip and a new way to describe childish behavior!

Julie Walker

Stansbury Park