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'Star Wars' meets Utah's Delicate Arch in local artist's piece

Published September 26, 2013 8:59 am

Art • Childhood trips inspired Tim Odland to create a mashup featuring Sand People.
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Hiking around Arches National park certainly feels like hiking around Tatooine, home planet of such venerated "Star Wars" characters as Anakin and Luke Skywalker, and Jabba the Hutt. Arches is sandy, rocky and red, and while we have only one sun, it's still awfully hot. But the beauty shines through.

That's what inspired Utah artist Tim Odland's "Star Wars"-Utah mashup featuring Sand People — aka Tusken Raiders — around the iconic Delicate Arch. He grew up in the era of the original Star Wars movies and they had a big impact on his childhood.

"As a family, we'd go down to Southern [Utah] to camp and what not and I remember specifically thinking, 'I wonder if there were actually Sand People here in [Utah],' " he said.

So he made it happen. The result is extremely awesome.

"Brought to you by St. George Lucas," he says on his blog.

The landscapes of Tatooine and Southern Utah may be similar, but scenes for the desert planet were actually filmed in Tunisia. The name Tatooine was actually inspired by a town near the filming site called Tataouine, which means "the eyes" in the Berber language.

Odland's work will be on display at Mod a-Go-Go at 242 E. South Temple Oct. 18 during the gallery stroll. The show will be Halloween-themed.


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