News roundup: Navy Yard shooting resurrects gun control debate
Published: September 17, 2013 05:46AM
Updated: September 17, 2013 05:46AM

Navy Yard shooting resurrects gun control debate. Lt. Gov. Bell steps down; Herbert to name successor soon. Obama calls out Republicans, like Sen. Lee.

Happy Tuesday. The mass shooting yesterday at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., could bring a push for more gun control back to the agenda after such efforts fizzled earlier in the year. While the death of 12 people -- plus the alleged gunman -- don't resonate as much as the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, it's a reminder for the public that these types of shootings aren't going away, gun-control advocates argue. [Politico]

-> A native Utahn gives her account of being near the Navy Yard as the bullets started flying. [Trib] More on the shooting below.

Topping the news: Lt. Gov. Greg Bell is stepping down from his post to return to the private sector. Bell said that financial pressures and concerns about retirement funding led to his decision.
Gov. Gary Herbert received a list of recommended replacements from Bell, but hasn't decided whom to choose. It should be noted that Bell's salary was $103,000 plus benefits. [Trib] [DNews] [KUTV] [Fox13] [UtahPolicy]

-> Utah Policy grabs a couple internal documents from the Guv's Office, showing a possible successor to Bell to be named as early as Sept. 26. [UtahPolicy] Another document warns how to handle the criticism and media requests. [UtahPolicy]

-> President Barack Obama said yesterday said that members of Congress, like Sen. Mike Lee, who are threatening a shutdown of the government will tank the economy. Lee responded by saying that defunding Obamacare is a matter of fiscal prudence and fundamental fairness. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @CErickson85: "Hey @LtGovGregBell I totally understand your need to resign. Us public employees can't come close to making $$$ like private sector."

From @DanaBashCNN: "Heard on the hill from a frustrated cop: these guys (house and senate). can't even come together on whether to lockdown the Capitol"

In other news: The Committee for Citizens' Communication is creating political discussions across the state where name calling and contention is discouraged. The next meeting will be on Wednesday to discuss how Davis County's government works. [Trib]

-> Sen. Mike Lee plans to introduce the Family Fairness and Opportunity Tax Reform Act, which would give parents a $2500 tax credit per child. [DNews]x

-> Protestors are upset at the plans to lease some of the San Rafael Swell lands by the Bureau of Land Management. The Swell is known for beautiful Native American artwork and the folks worry that it will be destroyed. [Trib] [Fox13]

-> UTA will not add any major cuts or changes to the bus services in the upcoming schedule change in December. With the addition of the new streetcar, some bus time might get changed in order to ease transfers between bus and streetcar. [Trib]

Nationally: Tragedy strikes the nation's capital as thirteen are confirmed dead in the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. The shooter, who is listed among the dead, has been identified as Aaron Alexis, who received a general discharge from the Navy Reserves two years ago. [WaPost] [Politico] [NYTimes]

-> Read a first-hand account by a Navy contractor who was in the military installation when the shooting broke out. [WaPost]

-> The Senate went into lockdown in response to the Navy Yard shootings. All Senate buildings were locked down for a period of two hours, no one was allowed in or out, but could move within the buildings. The House remained open, even though it is closer to the shootings. [Politico]

-> Uncontrollable tragedies are upending Obama's second term. For example, yesterday, he was forced to rewrite his remarks on the financial recovery after the Navy Yard shooting. [WaPost]

-> Congress doesn't like to travel far when it comes to political fundraising: over 75 percent of all fundraisers were within three city blocks of the Capitol. Most of the fundraisers are held during the congressional working hours and when the House and Senate are in session. [SunLight]

Where are they?

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-- Thomas Burr and Jordan Bailey