The Cricket’s Daily 3: R.I.P., Seamus Heaney
Published: August 30, 2013 09:06AM
Updated: September 3, 2013 09:28AM
FILE - This April 11, 2013 file photo shows actress Lindsay Lohan, a cast member in "Scary Movie V," at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles. Lohan's lawyer Mark Jay Heller told a judge at a May 2, 2013 hearing that Lohan had checked into a rehab facility per a judge's orders. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, file)

Here’s what’s happening in pop culture:

• Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney has died at the age of 74. [BBC]

• Lindsay Lohan was a last-minute no-show at the Venice Film Festival, where she was expected to promote her drama “The Canyons.” Director Paul Schrader commented that “for the last 16 months I’ve been hostage, by own choosing, to a very talented but unpredictable actress.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

• This may be almost as stupid as CBS’ idea for a medical show based on “The Wizard of Oz”: Fox is developing a modern-day lawyer show inspired by “Les Miserables.” [Vulture]