Alpine homeowners clean up; Seeley fire site hit by debris flow
Published: August 23, 2013 08:08AM
Updated: August 23, 2013 07:27PM

Homeowners in Alpine were busily shoring up sandbag barriers Friday afternoon,fearing more rainfall could trigger renewed debris flows on a nearby mountain slope.

Meanwhile, in central Utah’s Manti La Sal National Forest, the National Weather Service tweeted that a debris flow had occurred on denuded slopes left by the Seeley Wildfire of 2012, which had flowed onto State Road 31 in Huntington Canyon. Additional runoff was expected through the afternoon.

The weather service said that during the six hours prior to 2 p.m., 0.65 inches of rain had fallen on the Seeley Burn Scar.

It was runoff from a similar fire-scarred slope, left over from 2012 Quail Fire, that led to flooding Thursday night which inundated one basement and water-logged several residential yards in Alpine’s s Moyle Drive, Grove Drive and Alpine Boulevard areas.

Along with water, mud and tree limbs had rolled into the neighborhood’s streets late Thursday night. Three retention basins in the area also were left at capacity and near to overflowing by the precipitation — more of which had begun to fall by Friday mid-afternoon.

No injuries were reported.

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