Online fund-raiser launched to build a new Pianobike
Published: August 22, 2013 04:15PM
Updated: August 23, 2013 09:06AM
Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune Corbin Baldwin, left, and Eric Rich with their upright grand piano at the farmer's market in Salt Lake City on Saturday, August 7, 2010. The "pianobike" was the idea of Rich, who with the help of his brother, made the frame for the piano and modified a bike to pull it.

The Pianobike — a familiar site around Utah, from the Downtown Farmers Market to the Sundance Film Festival — is getting a new look.

Eric Rich, the guy who makes music on the portable instrument, has launched a Kickstarter fund-raising campaign to build a new bike that he and his collaborators have designed.

The old Pianobike was simply an old piano attached to a cart, but the new one — integrating the bike and the piano, on a three-wheeled base — has been specially designed to be lighter, more compact and more esthetically pleasing.

The team is trying to raise $5,800 before Sept. 20. Incentives include digital downloads (for $2), T-shirts ($25), having Rich and pianist Corbin Baldwin play at an event ($250), or getting weekly piano lessons from Baldwin ($500 for four month’s worth, $1,000 for a year). The top reward, for a $1,250 pledge, gets the donor a table made from the original Pianobike’s soundboard.