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Health Department closes Sweet Ginger in Midvale

Published August 22, 2013 10:04 am

This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2013, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

On Tuesday, The Salt Lake Valley Health Department closed Sweet Ginger restaurant, 220 W. 7200 South, in Midvale for "presenting an imminent health hazard."

According to this report posted on The Salt Lake Valley Health Department website, the restaurant was cited for nearly three dozen health code violations including holding raw chicken and other foods at room temperature, storing chemicals above food and storing raw shrimp above cooked pork and raw vegetables in the refrigerator.

Here's a list of all the violations:

-Potentially hazardous food is being cooled at room temperature.

-Chemicals are stored above foods.

-Employee beverages are stored above the food preparation table.

-Garlic and oil, cooked beef and pork are holding at 53 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit on the counter.

-Chicken is being thawed at room temperature.

-Hand wash sinks are being used for washing dishes and other purposes than hand washing.

-Hand wash sinks are not supplied with liquid soap and paper towels.

-The hand wash sink faucet is leaking.

-Employees are not washing hands when required.

-Food containers are not labeled.

-The certified manager certificate was not available for verification.

-Food handler cards are not available for verification.

-The person-in-charge was not ensuring employees were effectively cleaning their hands.

-The person-in-charge was not ensuring employees were using proper cooling and thawing methods.

-The person-in-charge was not ensuring employees are properly using time as control for potentially hazardous foods that were not hot or cold held.

-The outside and inside of food containers are dirty.

-The door handles on the reach-in cooler are dirty.

-The interior of the microwave is dirty.

-The salt scoop is encrusted.

-Raw Shrimp is stored above cooked pork in the refrigerator.

-Raw fish is stored above vegetables in the make top cooler.

-Raw meat is stored on and above vegetables in the walk-in cooler.

-Potentially hazardous foods that are prepared on-site and held for 24 hours are not date-marked.

-Newspapers and grocery bags are used for storing foods.

-Clean equipment is not inverted or covered to prevent contamination.

-Single-use items are being re-used.

-Pressurized containers are not restrained.

-Food is being stored in buckets that are on the floor.

-The gaskets in the reach-in cooler are dirty.

-Various shelves are dirty.

-Bowls without handles are being used as scoops.

-In-use utensils are stored in standing water.

-The filters in the ventilation hood have dripping grease.

-Ceiling tiles are missing in the ventilation hood area.

-Floor sinks are dirty.