Great minds/Small circles: Water, immigration, public prayer and Hillary ...
Published: August 19, 2013 04:36PM
Updated: August 19, 2013 04:36PM
Paul Fraughton | Tribune file photo Valves at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam are opened in March 2008 as part of an experiment to improve fisheries. Low flows on the Colorado River may force water authorities to take the historic step of reducing the outflow of water from Glen Canyon Dam, which forms Lake Powell, creating great concern among downstream users such as Las Vegas.


Future is here: It’s time for realism about water — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial
... Utahns should not allow state officials to spend any more taxpayer money on plans for more dams or pipelines that are simply a folly, given the reality of hotter temperatures, less snowpack and diminished river flow. It’s a new reality that Utah policy makers should get used to.

Plans warded off water disaster – for now — Arizona Republic Editorial
If there’s one thing you really don’t want to hear when it’s 113 degrees out, it is that your water supply is running dry. ...

A slow-motion Colorado River disaster — Craig Mackey | For The Los Angeles Times
It may take federal disaster relief to offset the consequences of water scarcity in the Southwest.


Helping dreamers: Hatch, Obama working on reform — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial
... Facing the most high-centered and immobile Congress in recent history, the president did what he could, and should, to begin to eliminate the unfairness of our outdated immigration laws. ...

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Pro-Growth and Pro-Agriculture — Robert Piceno | Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Focus must be Border Security and Economic Security — U.S. Rep. Ron Barber | Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Public prayer:

Let them pray and hope they don’t — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune
... folks who believe that prayer should be taken seriously, and not just condescendingly tolerated, could pray at home before the meeting. Or silently to themselves. And nobody would need to be reassured about anything.

Please, justices, no blank check for public prayer — Los Angeles Times Editorial
The Supreme Court should not only allow prayers at government meetings that favor one religion.

and Hillary:

The meaning of Hillary — Kathleen Parker | The Washington Post/
WASHINGTON — Three years out and you’d think the deed was done: Madame President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.
She’s everywhere these days because: (a) It’s August; (b) Reporters are bored with President Obama; (c) Reporters are bored with Joe Biden; (d) Clintons are never boring.
Op-ed columns are filled with advice about what Hillary needs to do. She needs a narrative. A message. It can’t be that she’s a Clinton or a woman. It has to be ...What?
Here’s a thought: She can save the world. ...

Remembering why the Clintons made us nervous — Maureen Dowd | The New York Times/
WASHINGTON — Clinton nostalgia is being replaced by Clinton neuralgia.
Why is it that America’s roil family always seems better in abstract than in concrete? The closer it gets to running the world once more, the more you are reminded of all the things that bugged you the last time around. ...