Wildflowers peaking in Utah’s Albion Basin
Published: July 21, 2013 11:31AM
Updated: July 19, 2013 12:43PM
Saskia Buschmann sits among wildflowers near the Catherine's Pass trailhead in Albion Basin, July 17, 2013. Photo by Erin Alberty

On Sunday, the latest edition of the Utah Bucket List is about wildflowers. Good timing.

Now is the time to see the wildflowers in Albion Basin.

I went up Little Cottonwood Canyon with my daughter on Wednesday, and the flowers are about as lush and diverse as I’ve ever seen.

We focused on the area around the Catherine Pass trail and saw:

• Buckwheat

• Little sunflower

• Sticky geranium

• Paintbrush

• Elephanthead

• Coyote mint

• Fendler’s meadowrue

• Colorado and Western columbine

• Yarrow

• Leafy Jacob’s ladder

• Nettleleaf horsemint

• Blue flax

• Wasatch Penstemon

• Lupine

• Stickseed

• Bluebells

• Mountain snowberry

• Tansy mustard

• Phloxflower

I’m sure there are many more.

Parking is iffy right now in Albion Basin. On Wednesday morning, I had to lurk at the trailhead for about 10 minutes before a hiker returned and opened a spot. At least a dozen other cars were driving around the Cecret Lake trailhead and campground in hopes of a spot. If you go during the weekend, I strongly recommend taking the Albion Basin shuttle from Alta town.

I use two print guides for wildflower identification: The Cottonwood Canyons Foundation’s Wildflower Guide and Utah Wildflowers by Richard J. Shaw.

If I can’t find a flower in my books, I take pictures and try to find them online. Here are some helpful guides:

• Utah Wildflowers

• Wild Utah Plants

• Wasatch Audubon

• WildflowersWest

If you hike among wildflowers this weekend, send a photo to us on Twitter or on the Hiking Utah Facebook page.

­ — Erin Albery

Twitter: @Utahhikes