Last chance to weigh in on “I am Downtown” video contest
Published: July 15, 2013 01:41PM
Updated: July 18, 2013 08:08AM
Conor Rickman’s entry in the 'I am Downtown' video contest.

Monday is your last chance to influence the judging of a Downtown Alliance video contest, for which users submitted short films interpreting the phrase “I am Downtown.”

The winner, to be announced Tuesday at the inaugural Downtown Symposium at Marriott City Center, will be awarded $5,000. The judging panel’s criteria include: originality and creativity, adherence to creative assignment, uniqueness of the story told and overall appeal. The latter, worth 20 percent, is based on likes, comments and views on YouTube. The five finalists’ takes range from whimsical to sublime, with each framing the good side of downtown Salt Lake City. Chime in with your favorite on the corresponding YouTube page.

Perry Layne explores various methods of earth-friendly transport - biking, walking and boarding (though it might be observed that the cyclist and skateboarder aren’t placing a high premium on pedestrian safety.)

According to a post on YouTube, Team Boyes enlisted local musician Bill Shaddox for the backing track on its largely stop-motion video of the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Devon McCullough performed a stomp dance in front of the City Creek skybridge, spliced between vibrant shots of McCullough walking downtown in Jay Arcansalin’s entry.

With 144 thumbs up and just six thumbs down, Connor Rickman’s creative interpretation might be the leader in the clubhouse. A medieval woodsman gets transported to SLC by a mysterious crystal, and quickly becomes enamored of the city.

Josh Wolstenholme uses time-lapse photography and a stirring voiceover monologue to depict a “city pulsating” with life, touching on larger themes of existence.

Matthew Piper