Pac-12: Larry Scott has broad reach
Published: July 12, 2013 08:18AM
Updated: July 12, 2013 08:19AM

Ever since he became the commissioner of what's now the Pac-12 Conference, Larry Scott has sought to expand the league's brand.

That's not restricted to America. Scott is endorsing visits to China by various all-star teams and school-affiliated programs, to the extent of proposing a regular-season men's basketball game in 2014-15.

Part of his motivation is to create a television presence in Asia for the Pac-12. It's a bold move, with effects beyond athletics.

It is important to remember that Scott works for the presidents of the conference's member schools. They like the ideas of collaborating in research and attracting students from China. That's why they're on board with these plans, for reasons beyond the sports component.