Bagley caption contest winner
Published: June 22, 2013 05:27PM
Updated: June 22, 2013 05:29PM

Congratulations to Dave Leo of Salt Lake City, winner of The Salt Lake Tribune’s cartoon caption contest this week.

Thanks to all who submitted captions. The winners and the runners-up were chosen by the newspaper’s political cartoonist, Pat Bagley, who draws the contest cartoons.

We invite you to enter the contest next Sunday when we publish a new Bagley cartoon in search of a caption and instructions on how to send us your entries.

Here are the runners-up

“Well! There is no need for that kind of language, sir!”

G.J. LaBonty

West Jordan

“I can tell that some one is making a fortune here!”

Carol Withrow

Salt Lake City

“So that is what they are up to. What if I tell?”

Bill Welbourn

Cedar City

“I just keep seeing the same number: 1984.”

Sherri Vance