Utah Arts Festival: Let the music move you
Published: July 10, 2013 10:12AM
Updated: June 20, 2013 08:48PM
The African Showboyz, four musical brothers from Ghana, perform in The Round at Library Square Thursday during the Utah Arts Festival. (Photo by Sean P. Means | The Salt Lake Tribune)

Sometimes the best way to enjoy the Utah Arts Festival is to wander without a particular plan, and see where the music takes you.

The Cricket's wanderings took him to Ghana, Thailand and Jamaica (by way of Salt Lake City).

First, he caught a bit of African Showboyz, four musical brothers from Ghana, who wowed the crowd at The Round (the little amphitheater by the Library) with their west African rhythms. (The Showboyz will perform again a few times on Friday, at The Round and on the Park Stage.)

Then it was dinner time, which was some yummy pad thai and egg rolls from the Skewered booth.

Then, over at the Park Stage, The Cricket enjoyed the soulful ska of Show Me Island, a six-member Salt Lake band.

Where the music take The Cricket next? Well, Salt Lake favorites King Niko is starting up over on the Amphitheater Stageā€¦