Opinion Sampler: Rights (gay, voting, religious) and wrongs (Swallow) ...
Published: June 19, 2013 12:47PM
Updated: June 19, 2013 01:00PM

GSLC and LGBT: Scouting’s anti-gay agenda — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial
The Great Salt Lake Council’s chastisement of two local Boy Scout adult leaders for marching with a handful of Scouts in the Utah Pride Parade on June 2 was unfortunate. Yet, it served the unintended purpose of illuminating the ignorance, bigotry and hypocrisy that drove the council’s decision. ...

Voter access trumps threat of fraud — Washington Post Editorial/sltrib.com
In 2004, Arizona voters approved a measure demanding proof of citizenship from those who seek to register to vote in the state. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled the measure invalid...
... The prospect of voter fraud should not be dismissed, but there is no evidence that it poses a practical problem. There is a far greater danger in limiting access to the ballot box, a sacrosanct right in America. Neither the states nor the federal government should be imposing new restrictions on the franchise. They should instead enact universal voter registration laws and other reforms to expand access to the vote.

Making Arizona voting fairer — Los Angeles Times Editorial

Voter-law ruling is open to shenanigans — Arizona Republic Editorial
... Undocumented immigrants were not hijacking elections. They were busing tables. ...

Court ruling simply creates more hoops — Prescott (Ariz.) Daily Courier

Kansas should drop onerous ‘proof of citizenship’ law — Kansas City Star Editorial

Government's moral test — Everett (Wash.) Herald Editorial
... Even in the ruggedly individualistic Northwest, to unhitch religion from politics is unworkable. Faith centers on specific values, and those values inform public policy. The First Amendment prohibits Congress from making laws respecting the establishment of religion. That doesn't muzzle the faithful from participating in civic life nor having a political voice. ...

A darkening cloud is hanging over AG John Swallow — Deseret News Editorial
With each passing day, it seems, the cloud over Utah Attorney General John Swallow becomes darker. Allegations of improper relations with people under investigation, ethics complaints filed against him with the Utah State Bar, criminal investigations by federal and local officials and the pending appointment of a special prosecutor by the Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office all are taking a toll on the image of the state's top law enforcement officer.
House Republicans are scheduled to meet today to discuss the matter. Democrats have asked to join the meeting. Given the lack of public trust in Swallow, we urge these lawmakers to open public impeachment hearings.
That is a grave step to take against any elected official, but at this point there is little choice. ...