Jeff Alt writes about hiking with children
Published: June 20, 2013 09:41AM
Updated: June 19, 2013 10:36AM
Author Jeff Alt, blue shirt, stands with his family in this undated photo as they prepare to hike the Appalachian Trail. Alt has written a book called "Get Your Kids Hiking! How to Start Them Young and Keep it Fun.” Photo courtesy

Jeff Alt has some hiking-with-kids credentials: He walked a 50-mile path in Ireland with his wife, young daughter and extended family, and took his son on his first hike at age 8 weeks.

The Cincinnati-based hiking expert, who has also walked the 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail and the 218-mile John Muir trail, has a new book coming out called “Get Your Kids Hiking! How to Start Them Young and Keep it Fun.”

Here is some of his advice:

• Make hiking a routine your kids will look forward to, starting as young as you feel comfortable with baby carriers.

• Pysch ‘em up for adventure with pictures, videos, and highlights from the places they’ll see in books, magazines and online.

• Explore with them! Walk at their pace and stop to explore bugs, leafs, rocks — whatever strikes their fancy.

• Tailor hiking to their interests with hiking gadgets like GPS for a tech-savvy kid or a bug catcher for a child interested in biology.

• Make up games like scavenger huts or ISpy to keep kids interested on the trail.

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— Lindsay Whitehurst

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