Redford goes after pollution, and Obama, in new ad
Published: June 19, 2013 01:50PM
Updated: June 12, 2013 10:22AM
Robert Redford will be Westminster College's graduation commencement speaker. Courtesy photo

Robert Redford may be coming soon to a TV screen near you -- in an ad urging government action on climate change.

The 30-second ad, for the Natural Resources Defense Council, takes aim at coal-fired power plants — and ends with Redford telling viewers to urge President Barack Obama “to make dirty power plants clean up their carbon pollution.”

The ad includes a brief clip from Obama’s second inaugural address, in which he promised to “respond to the threat of climate change.”

Redford also takes aim at Obama. “The good news is that President Obama has pledged to act,” Redford says in the ad. “I just hope the President has the courage of his convictions.”

As The Washington Post reports, environmentalists have been increasingly frustrated by Obama over his current climate-change policy.