Tuesday on TV: ABC Family Channel gets all "Twisted"
Published: June 11, 2013 05:09PM
Updated: June 11, 2013 05:04PM
ABC Family's "Twisted" stars Kylie Bunbury as Lacey, Avan Jogia as Danny and Maddie Hasson as Jo. Courtesy photo
Twisted (10 p.m.) is the ABC Family Channel's attempt to build on the success of "Pretty Little Liars" by launching another series about ridiculously attractive teenagers caught up in a murder.
Avan Jogia stars as Danny Desai, a 16-year-old who returns to his hometown five years after he went away for murdering his aunt. (And we're not sure what exactly happened there - it's a Big Secret that Danny refuses to tell.)
On his first day back at school, Danny attends a kegger (as kids do). And when someone at the party ends up dead, Danny is the prime suspect.
"Twisted" is entirely in the ABC Family wheelhouse. It's aimed at the same teen and twentysomething crowd that watches "Pretty Little Liars," and they will probably like "Twisted," too.
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