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Published: June 5, 2013 04:57PM
Updated: June 5, 2013 04:57PM
Leah Hogsten | Tribune file photo Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker presents his budget for the upcoming fiscal year at City Hall in April. On Wednesday, he announced he is vetoing the 2013-14 municipal budget approved by the city council with an $8 million tax increase. The council, however, is expected to override his veto with support of five of its seven members.

Tomorrow's editorial:

Catching up: Small tax hike reasonable — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, 06.06.13
It seems clear that Salt Lake City residents soon will see their property taxes increase. The question is whether it will be this year or next.
Mayor Ralph Becker proposed no such tax increase in his budget recommendation to the City Council. He wants to give residents a year to learn why the money is needed and how it would be spent.
But at least two council members, Chairman Kyle LaMalfa and Charlie Luke, believe it would save tax dollars in the long run if the city imposed an increase in the 2014 budget year to begin fixing long-neglected streets while maintaining police services without the cuts Becker proposed. ...

with endorsement:

Now is the time to be an infrastructure hawk, not a deficit hawk — Ezra Klein | Washington Post/Wonkblog

... Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers put it with unusual clarity at a Wall Street Journal breakfast on Tuesday. “We need to recognize that burdening future generations is a crucial issue,” he said. “But just as you burden future generations when you accumulate debt, you also burden future generations when you defer maintenance.” ...