Utah forecast: It’s still spring, but summer’s getting impatient
Rising temperatures • N. Utah to see 80s, southern part of state nears 100 degrees.
Published: June 3, 2013 02:51PM
Updated: June 3, 2013 08:36AM

Summer is tapping its anthropomorphic/metaphorical foot, impatient for spring to complete its run in Utah.

The National Weather Service forecast for northern Utah Tuesday called for sunny skies and high temperatures in the low-80s, up a few degrees from Monday’s expectations.

However, spring seems to have already fled southern Utah, whatever the calendar says of the seasons: Tuesday’s forecast for Utah’s Dixie was for highs flirting with triple digits — the same as predicted for Monday. Winds of 10-20 mph will provide some relief from the heat.

Utah’s air quality statewide, though, was expected to be good into the mid-week. The Utah Division of Air Quality was flying its “Green,” or healthy breathing banners statewide.

Allergy sufferers, too, had good news: the Intermountain Allergy & Asthma rated only mold at “high” on its pollen index, while oak rated a “moderate” grade. None of the other monitored allergens were deemed a threat.

Salt Lake City’s high temperature Tuesday was pegged at 82 degrees, up from Monday’s forecast of 79; Ogden looked for 78 and 75, respectively; Provo 83 and 81; Logan 75 and 73; Wendover 82 and 79; Duchesne 79 and 81; Cedar City 87 and 85; St. George 98s; and Moab 93 and 94 degrees.


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