The Romney transition book's doctored photo
Published: May 29, 2013 02:31PM
Updated: May 29, 2013 02:31PM
The Romney Readiness Project 2012 shows former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, left, shaking hands with then-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2006. However, the original photo, below, shows three other governors between Leavitt and Romney that were blacked out in the Romney transition team book.

When all else fails, Photoshop.

Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt today unveiled a new book detailing the immense work he and his transition team put into preparing for a potential Mitt Romney presidency. Only one part of the new book is, well, a bit faked.

The picture on page 4 of the Romney Readiness Project 2012 shows Leavitt shaking hands with Romney at the 2006 National Governors Association meeting. It's a good shot to include in telling the story about all of Leavitt's work for Romney that ended up being shelved when President Barack Obama won re-election.

The photo, unfortunately, has been changed to black out three other governors who photo-bombed the Leavitt-Romney moment.

In the real photo, by The Associated Press's Charles Dharapak, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and two other governors appear between Leavitt and Romney; the transition book, though, just shows blackness between the two.

-- Thomas Burr