Big lakers and plump smallmouth at Flaming Gorge's Sheep Creek Bay
Published: May 16, 2013 09:00AM
Updated: May 16, 2013 09:11AM

Ryan Mosley, Flaming Gorge Project Leader for the UDWR, sent in this report of recently completed spring survey gillnetting on the reservoir straddling the Utah/Wyoming border. The video is from a past gillnetting survey.

We just completed two mornings of gillnetting at Sheep Creek Bay. The weather was phenomenal and it's the first time I remember netting in a t-shirt on Flaming Gorge Reservoir in May! With the warmer water temperatures (55F) bass were more active and well represented in the catch. Two of the bass netted today were larger females (~1.5 lbs) and were bulging with eggs in preparation for the spawn. We also caught several rainbow trout (up to 19-inches) and small lake trout in the shore sets.

Netting for big lake trout is always a highlight and for this sampling event we were accompanied by Casey Snider and Charlie Card from Trout Unlimited. Both were able to witness some big lakers, but Casey was able to hoist and proudly pose with our biggest of the season in Utah so far this year, coming in just shy of 36 lbs. As always, all trophy lake trout were measured, weighed, stomachs were pumped to identify food items, and released to fight another day.

Picture "CaseySnider36lber" is Casey Snider holding a 36 lb lake trout
Picture "SheepCr5-13-13(1)" is UDWR technician Ben Carswell releasing a 36 lb lake trout.
Picture "CharlieCard22lber" is Charlie Card holding a 22 lb lake trout.