In Warren Jeffs’ square room, signs it was once round
Published: May 7, 2013 09:56AM
Updated: May 7, 2013 09:56AM
Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune At left, The "round room" said to have been constructed inside a home built for polygamous leader Warren Jeffs in Hildale, as it appeared Friday April 26, 2013. At right, a typical room in the same home.

Hildale • Several weeks ago we started hearing about the circular room in the secretive home built for Warren Jeffs.

Phrases like, “a sphere with a bed” made with “special wood from Russia” by only “three special assistants to Lyle Jeffs” and no one else allowed into the room.

But when we finally got into that circular room late last week we found that it had been changed back into a square. And quickly, from what we could tell.

In our report last week we tried to detail that the cheaper carpet and poor drywall texturing that indicated the changes. But taking a closer look at the photographs I found two images make it pretty obvious that the room was changed.

These are photos of two different rooms, the former round room and a more typical room found in the same home. Look for yourself and note the many differences in the quality of carpet, woodwork, window framing and light fixtures. Whether it was a round room or not, the workmanship in the room now is definitely of a low grade not found anywhere else in the Hildale compound.

— Trent NelsonTwitter: @tribunepolygamy