CD Review: Kenny Chesney's 'Life On a Rock"
Published: April 29, 2013 11:54AM
Updated: April 29, 2013 11:56AM
Kenny Chesney is among the performers coming to Usana Amphitheatre this summer.

With Kenny Chesney on his way to Utah this summer, the time is ripe for a new album from the country singer. So “Life On a Rock” is here, only a year after his last album, the underwhelming “Welcome to the Fishbowl.” The album is billed as songs that Chesney wrote in a personal journal that he initially never meant to be heard, and the 10 tracks do show off the 45-year-old’s more contemplative side. The mood is relaxed with songs that emphasize Chesney’s love for the Caribbean (and Jimmy Buffett), featuring collaborations with the Wailers, the calypso-inspired title track, a gut-stringed paean to Bob Marley, and steel drums throughout. “Pirate Flag,” the lead single and arena-ready anthem, is the anomaly on this breezy album, and while the collection doesn’t break any new ground, and isn’t well-suited to blasting on a car stereo, it shows off Chesney’s always-comforting voice and song-writing talents that too rarely emerge.

Grade: B