Utah's Center Stage, Vibe may face off in new dance competition TV series
Published: April 9, 2013 04:16PM
Updated: April 9, 2013 04:17PM
DANCING WITH THE STARS - REHEARSALS - This season's dynamic lineup of stars will perform for the first time on live national television with their professional partners during the two-hour season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars," MONDAY, MARCH 18 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jon LeMay) DEREK HOUGH
Utah has had more than its share of contestants on TV dance competitions, so maybe it's not a surprise that a Utah-centric TV dance competition is in the works.
GSN - the channel formerly known as the Game Show Network - is developing a series titled "Dance Rivals." (That doesn't mean it's a lock to make it on the schedule, but the fact that it was announced means it's a strong possibility.)
Here's the channel's release. And, while it's not made clear in what follows, the two Orem dance studios that will be facing off in this show are Center Stage and Vibe:
The hotbed of dancing in the United States can be found in an unlikely location. The population of Orem, Utah is only 84,000- yet one in 40 is a dancer. Several of Orem's dancers have gone on to win regional, national and world championships.
But succeeding in Orem isn't easy. The city is home to two of the most elite dance studios in America, each owned by a fiercely competitive and hard-driving dance instructor. The studios are just a stone's throw from one another...and the owners used to be partners! Needless to say, the rivalry between the dance studios and their owners is as fierce as the competition among the dancers.
Each week, the studios participate in dance competitions and each week they fight for first and second positions -always with the ultimate goal of triumphing over the other.
Among the series' executive producers is Derek Hough, a professional on "Dancing With the Stars" who also studied at Center Stage.
Stay tuned ...