This robot is very humanlike and it’s very eerie (VIDEO)
Published: April 8, 2013 09:11AM
Updated: April 8, 2013 09:11AM

The robot was created to move just like a human, and it does. Expect the video to leave you feeling at least slightly creeped out.

<freeform><script data-hide-title=”true” data-hide-byline=”true” data-hide-footnotes=”true” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><noscript><h1>This robot is very humanlike and it's very eerie (VIDEO)</h1><h2>The PETMAN robot - what a name, right? - is a product of Boston Dynamics, which is using it to test protective clothing designed for hazardous environments.In the video, sensors embedded in PETMAN show if chemicals are leaking through the suit. The robot's “skin” also sweats and regulates temperature to simulate real human use of the clothing.The project received funding from the Department of Defense's Chemical and Biological Defense program.</h2><a href=”” target=”_blank”>View <em>”This robot is very humanlike and it's very eerie (VIDEO)”</em> on Spundge</a></noscript></freeform>