CD Review: The Band Perry's 'Pioneer'
Published: April 5, 2013 12:59PM
Updated: April 5, 2013 01:01PM

The main thing wrong with The Band Perry on the family-trio’s second album “Pioneer” is that Reid Perry still sports the worst haircut in country music since Garth Brooks became Chris Gaines for a while. Other than that, Kimberly, Neil and Reil show a confidence unusual for a group so young, with the Perrys co-writing all but the lead single “Better Dig Two.” The continued reliance on acoustic instrumentation such as fiddles and mandolins are refreshing, and the songs show a clear understanding of the power of dynamics, with second single “DONE.” all-set to be a rockin’ anthem at arenas while the title track is a bittersweet folk song. In addition, “I Saw the Light” beats influences more from Ireland than Music City. Not all of the songs connect, and Kimberly’s many angry women-scorned songs can come off as too samey-samey, but otherwise The Band Perry has a bright path ahead of them. Be sure to check them out in Tooele in July.

Grade: B