News roundup: Inside the GOP's gun-control filibuster plot
Published: April 2, 2013 07:23AM
Updated: April 2, 2013 08:11AM
Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, visits the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013, as he touches on a few key issues and mentions his 2012 Annual Report to the state before taking a few questions.

Inside the GOP filibuster plot. Chaffetz tours the border. Utah pushes for drone base.

Happy Tuesday. National Review takes a look at the planned filibuster Sen. Mike Lee and tea party pals are planning once the Senate returns to session next week. Lee has said he won't let gun-control legislation reach the floor:

-> "Their approach is carefully orchestrated, and they are operating on the premise that taking a principled constitutional stand with a little dramatic flair will rally people to their cause. Properly executed, they hope the upcoming filibuster will refocus the gun-control debate, which has been mired in technical details, on the meaning of the Second Amendment." [NRO]

Topping the news: Utah is competing against 37 other states to host one of six drone test sites, with the bid being pushed by the Governor's Office of Economic Development. [DNews]

-> With the House rumored to be close to getting an immigration deal together, Rep. Jason Chaffetz is touring the U.S.-Mexico border this week to beef up on the issue. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @daveweigel: "Watching VEEP promo DVD. In this alternate universe there's such a thing as 'the 9th district of Utah.'"

Happy birthday: To state auditor John Dougall, state Rep. Dana Layton and former state Rep. Julie Fisher.

Congrats: To Utah's newest federal judge, Robert Shelby, who was sworn in Friday at the Moss Courthouse. Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee were present at the investiture. Photo: [IMGUR]

In other news: Boy Scouts of America rejected an application from the Utah Pride Center to assemble a 10-scout troop comprised of boys who left the organization over the long-time ban on gay scouts and leaders. [Trib] [APviaHerald]

-> Salt Lake City is rolling out a transportation plan for the Sugar House area that includes slashing car lanes, adding bike lanes and pedestrian areas and expanding a proposed Sugar House streetcar. [Trib]

-> A polygamist group in Bluffdale is asking a planning committee to reconsider zoning to allow a retirement community to be built. [Trib]

-> UTA commuters - some of whom completely rely on public transportation to get around - say they aren't happy about a large fare hike. [Trib]

-> Peg McEntee says that with the new UTA fare hike, taking public transportation to work isn't worth it for her, or for one of her colleagues. [Trib]

-> Hairspray and 88 other household chemicals may be in the Division of Air Quality's crosshairs, as the agency imposes a new set of regulations to try to clean up Utah's air.

-> Utah ranked #1 on a national survey of digital education policies, trumping all other states in how technology is integrated into classrooms. [Trib]

-> Gov. Gary Herbert has until Midnight Tuesday to veto or sign bills. Will he ax anymore? [UtahPolicy]

-> Meanwhile, Pleasant Grove is experiencing tech troubles, with its website's domain name expiring at the end of last month. The city's "website guy" is reportedly "working on it." [Herald]

-> Tom Wharton says that it's not just federal employees that are concerned about sequester budget cuts - businesses surrounding Hill Air Force say they're starting to feel the effects, and are worried about what lies ahead. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley takes on Kim Jong Un's war plans. [Trib]

Nationally: Across the political spectrum, Democrats, independents and even Republicans all say the same thing about Republicans: they're inflexible. [Politico]

-> Despite an interest in guns and a history of supporting gun rights, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is slowly shifting to the left when it comes to tackling gun control issues in the Senate. [NYTimes]

-> It'll be awhile longer before Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's loopy signature will grace our currency - the recent appointee has yet to submit an official signature to be printed on bills and coins, and even then, the process takes about 18 weeks. [WaPost]

-> JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy is headed to Tokyo to be U.S. Ambassador to Japan, joining a long list of high-profile Americans to lead the post. [WaPost] [Politico]

Where are they?

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