Ogden stabbing victim mum, but cops ‘actively seeking’ suspect
Senior center • Bloodied 24-year-old found in assisted living facility hallway.
Published: March 6, 2013 10:51AM
Updated: March 6, 2013 12:53PM

Ogden police confirmed Wednesday that they had developed a suspect in a senior center stabbing, but they were keeping mum on details about the man they are “actively seeking.”

Ogden police Lt. Chad Ledford said the information was developed despite the 24-year-old victim’s refusal to cooperate with detectives investigating the Tuesday morning incident at St. Benedict’s Manor apartments near 3000 Polk Avenue.

The victim, meantime, remained in serious condition at McKay-Dee Hospital Center Wednesday, where he was expected to recover from stab wounds to his chest, back, arm and hand.

The bloodied man was found about 6 a.m. Monday in a hallway at St. Benedict’s Manor. He initially told police he had attended a party in one of the assisted-living complex’s rooms overnight and was attacked by several people at the party.

Residents of the center had made multiple 911 calls reporting a man running through the hallways pounding on doors. The victim eventually pulled a fire alarm to summon help.

After residents evacuated, police and firefighters found the victim in a hallway and took him to the hospital.


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