Another trooper hit on Utah roads
Published: February 12, 2013 03:56PM
Updated: February 12, 2013 05:10PM
A UHP Trooper was stopped on a violator in the southbound right-hand emergency lane. A southbound passenger vehicle lost control, hit the concrete was, rolled over and then hit the UHP truck while the trooper was seated inside. The Trooper sustained minor injury and Provo EMS responded to the scene of the crash. Utah County S.O. will be handling the investigation. Courtesy UHP

A Utah Highway Patrol Trooper was hit and injured while sitting inside a patrol pickup truck during a traffic stop Tuesday afternoon.

UHP Cpl. Todd Johnson said the crash occurred at about 3:12 p.m. on Interstate 15 near University Parkway in Orem.

The trooper was pulled over on the southbound lane while conducting a stop on a driver when another vehicle lost control, hit a concrete wall and rolled into the UHP pickup. The trooper sustained minor injuries. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office will handle the investigation, Johnson said.

A semi truck driver reportedly honked the truck’s horn to alert the trooper that the other vehicle was about to hit him, but the truck’s driver didn’t stop. The UHP would like to make contact with that driver to get a statement about what he or she saw. UHP did not have a description of the truck.

The trooper is the 14th struck on a Utah highway in 2013, UHP said.

In all of 2012, only 12 troopers were hit.

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