FLDS crushing cars at Texas ranch
Published: February 11, 2013 09:10AM
Updated: February 11, 2013 09:10AM
Trent Nelson | Tribune file photo Aerial views of the FLDS compound YFZ "Yearning for Zion" Ranch in Eldorado, Texas, on April 8, 2008.

It’s the kind of scene that Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys would stumble upon at the start of another adventure-filled mystery.

Reports out of Texas say members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints there are crushing their vehicles into scrap heaps. Lawn mowers, too.

In a Jan. 31 report by Monique Ching in the San Angelo Standard-Times, James Doyle says that “around 50 nice cars” including Cadillac Escalades have been destroyed by the FLDS in Texas. Doyle offers a possible explanation: There are liens on the cars.

Kathy Mankin, of the Eldorado Success, photographed some of the activity at an FLDS property last month.

With the State of Texas closing in on taking away the YFZ Ranch and no reported response from the FLDS to fight this action, you can only wonder what is going on with the car crushing. Are they packing up and moving out? And why lawn mowers?

A little Googling brought up better ways to get rid of an unwanted lawnmower, including this gem:

Step 6: Hang a “Free” sign on the lawn mower and place it near the curb.

Seems like an easier solution to me than crushing them up. But of course, I’m lazy.

— Trent Nelson

Twitter: @trenthead