Snow-laden roofing of Roy storage structure collapses
Weather • Weight of ice and snow can stress roofs, officials warn.
Published: January 31, 2013 12:56PM
Updated: May 21, 2013 11:31PM

The roofing of an aged storage structure collapsed in Roy Thursday morning, and firefighters said it was likely that failure to keep snow and ice cleared was partly the cause.

Roy Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Comeau said six storage units were destroyed and two more sustained damage when the roofing failed about 8:25 a.m. The storage structure, at 2783 W. 5500 South, serves residents of nearby condominiums and apartments.

Some of the units contained cars, trailers and boats as well as other valuables. Damage and loss estimates were being assessed late Thursday.

Comeau said firefighters initially feared possible injuries, but a thorough search of the scene confirmed that no one had been inside the units when the roofing collapsed.

“We think the roof collapsed due to a combination of the weight of the snow and the age of the building. We’re not sure exactly how old it was, but it is an older type of construction,” Comeau said.

“In the past few days we’ve had a lot of snow. People need to be aware that these things can and do happen and take precautions,” he added.

Comeau echoed recent advice from other public safety officials to homeowners along the Wasatch Front to take action to remove accumulated snow and ice with such tools as a roof rake.

“However, we do not recommend that people get up on the roofs and shovel them off themselves. There are companies that can do that safely,” he stressed.