John Swallow gets no honeymoon from editorial writers ...
Published: January 15, 2013 01:32PM
Updated: January 15, 2013 01:32PM
Steve Griffin | Tribune file photo The office of Utah Attorney General John Swallow says the Utah State Bar has closed one of its investigations into him and has declined to prosecute.

Swallow should go: A.G.’s version of events bad enough — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial/, Jan. 14
Not even a full week after he was sworn in as Utah’s new attorney general, John Swallow was hit by stunning allegations from a man who is facing federal fraud charges, who claims that, while on the state payroll, Swallow helped him cook up an attempt to bribe a United States senator.
Swallow vehemently denies most of the story being told by Jeremy Johnson, a former financial supporter of Swallow’s predecessor and mentor, former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.
But Swallow has been unable to deny all of it. And what remains — with incriminating emails and a secret meeting at an Orem donut shop — casts a debilitating shadow over the ability of the state’s new chief law enforcement officer to do his job. A federal investigation was so imminent that, on Monday, Swallow himself asked for one.
Instead, Swallow should resign. ...

New A.G. Swallow should step down — Provo Daily Herald Editorial/, Jan. 13
... The allegations against Swallow have sufficient legs, even now before every detail has been uncovered, to justify his immediate resignation. His reputation is now seriously tainted, and that is an impossible thing to overcome for an attorney general....
...The Salt Lake Tribune deserves the highest praise for revealing sleaze to the people of Utah. It has done credit to itself as a watchdog of government, and the people of this state should be grateful.

You're welcome.

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— John Swallow's letter to U.S. Attorney requesting investigation is here.