Unique flavored syrup comes from state tree
Published: March 28, 2013 03:21PM
Updated: December 5, 2012 12:26PM

Vermont has maple syrup, Alaska has birch tree syrup and now Utah has its own distinctive offering — pine syrup made from the sap of the Blue spruce, the official state tree.

The eco-friendly pine syrup is being produced by Edible Wilds, a small company based in Eden. Owner Steve Golieb said to make the all-natural syrup, the company collects just the bottom branches of blue spruce trees and then boils the sap. The process leaves the tree intact, he said. “No tapping or drilling holes into the tree.”

The syrup has a unique taste — slightly minty and pine-like, but with a sweet finish. (And, NO, it doesn’t smell like Pine-sol.) Golieb said customers can use it on pancakes, waffles or French toast, just like other syrups. It also would make an earthy glaze for pork or other meats.

The syrup is available at a few Ogden retailers and online at ediblewilds.us. An 8-ounce plastic squeeze bottle, cost $7.39 (or $10.80 with shipping and handling.) A portion of the money will be donated to two nonprofit environmental organizations, Tree Utah and Project Lime.