is new locally run website that aims to help education
Published: November 26, 2012 11:08AM
Updated: November 26, 2012 11:08AM is a new locally run website that has recently released two compilations featuring 20 songs donated by local artists.

Project SLC seeks to use the funds to apply as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

According to Project SLC officials, they seek to raise funds for federally funded school districts arts and music programs throughout Utah using local musicians, teachers and businesses to provide instruction and instruments to local students.

As we all know, Utah spent less money on each child’s education than any other state in the nation. Also, Utah’s average class size has been larger than any other state.

Project SLC Co-Founder Justin Smith mentioned in a press release: "We want to provide students with more than just music. We want to provide them with a future not just as musicians but, a future understanding recording studios, technician work, concert planning, promoting and in all other aspects of the industry. The music industry has many facets that have yet to be explored in today's youth."

More information can be found at as well as The compilations are available for download for $5 for either the 9-song and 11-song compilation.

Bands Include:

Compilation #1
King Niko – Guns Up
Michael Gross & the Statuettes – Waiting For Nothing
When the Fight Started – Drag You Down
The Blue Aces – Tried To Warn You
Ryan Darton – Living This Way
Pablo Blaqk – Find Your Way
Empirates – Black Hole
Isaac Farr Trio – Circles

Compilation #2
Muscle Hawk – Electric Light
Burnell Washburn – The Power
Jesus or Genome – Take all my Dreams
The Arcadians – No More Nightmares
Eons – Lockjaw
L’anarchiste – Iron
Visitors – Flailure
Means Nothing – Lose Control
The Mighty Seqouyah – Know You
The North Valley – You Got That Straight Jake
Hectic Hobo – MacGregor