Utah radio station offering hiking trip on Appalachian Trail
Published: November 20, 2012 06:02PM
Updated: November 20, 2012 06:06PM
KCPW is cautioning a hiking trip for six on the Appalachian Trail. This photo is on the auction page.

It’s almost pledge time at public radio station KCPW in Salt Lake City, and to raise some cash the NPR affiliate is auctioning a hiking trip for six.

No, the trip is not in Utah, though you can certainly find some guided tours if you want to pay for a hiking trip here. KCPW’s hiking trip is in Appalachia.

Here’s the link to the trip and the bidding. The bidding opens Nov. 28 at $196.

Here’s hoping the lucky winner can still afford a camera to document the hike.

— Nate Carlisle

Twitter: @UtahHikes