Hiring in Utah improving, according to job vacancies data
Published: November 16, 2012 09:07AM
Updated: March 6, 2013 11:33PM

A study on job vacancies has found that the hiring environment in Utah has improved substantially since 2009, the state Department of Workforce Services says.

The study, conducted during the second quarter of 2012, measured the quality and characteristics of job openings in Utah by six geographic areas: statewide, metropolitan, northern, southwestern, non-metropolitan, and the Uintah Basin.

Among the highlights of the study:

• Approximately 27,600 jobs were open in Utah at any time during the quarter. The average wage of those openings was $14.10 per hour.

• Computer software developers and registered nurses were among the most-in-demand occupations requiring post-secondary training.

• Production-related occupations led all major occupational groups in the northern region, with 187 openings.

• Roughly 46 percent of the openings in non-metropolitan Utah were seasonal or temporary, compared to 12.4 percent statewide.

• Openings filled fastest in the southwestern region, with 80 percent open less than 60 days.

• Major occupational groups associated with natural resource extraction activities accounted for one-third of all job openings in the Uintah Basin.

The study is available at http://1.usa.gov/S2zbXs.