News roundup: Romney blames loss on Obama's 'gifts'
Published: November 15, 2012 06:14AM
Updated: November 15, 2012 06:14AM

Matheson to vote against Pelosi. Romney blames loss on Obama's 'gifts.' New study reveals state land transfer could be costly.

Happy Thursday. President Barack Obama laid out plans for his second term in his Wednesday new conference, promising immigration reform, recognizing the need for compromise over the "fiscal cliff" and defending Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and possible secretary of State. [USAToday] [Reuters] [WaPost]

-> On the other side, ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney told major donors that Obama's victory can be attributed, in part, to "gifts" made to "the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people." [NYTimes] [WaPost]

Topping the news: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that she "wouldn't think of walking away" from her position. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

-> Rep. Jim Matheson says he won't vote for Pelosi, citing the Democratic Caucus' need to "shake things up." [Trib]

-> Utah lawmakers will soon be working from Macbook Air laptops -- a big change from the hefty PCs they've been carting around. [UtahPolicy]

-> The Utah food tax could be doubled only a few years after former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman championed the idea of cutting it. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: ‏From @AdamTheFishGuy: "All of this secession talk is the political equivalent of a 7 yr old child taking his ball and going home because he lost a game..."

From @AlexiaIscariot: "Evidently Lincoln is doing well in theaters despite historical evidence to the contrary. Lol thanks Tumblr"

Happy birthday: To state Rep. Neal Hendrickson.

In other news: Republican lawmakers write a letter to Gov. Gary Herbert making their stance on the proposed federal health insurance exchange very clear: they don't want it. [Trib] [DNews]

-> A new study reveals that the transfer of 30 million acres of land from federal to state control would be complicated and potentially costly. [Trib]

-> The Legislature's Government Operations Interim Committee endorsed a series of bills aimed at eliminating election mischief within the state. [Trib]

-> Sen. Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake City, is your new Utah Senate minority leader. [Trib] [DNews]

-> The Salt Lake County Planning Commission gave initial approval to Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort's proposal for a seven-lot subdivision on its property north of the Little Cottonwood Canyon highway. [Trib]

-> Utah House Majority Leader Brad Dee opened a bill file to address recent issues of radiation control oversight. [Trib]

-> A Utah lawmaker looks to adjust how new charter schools will be introduced to the state. [DNews]

-> The death penalty in Utah costs $1.6 million more per inmate than a life sentence without parole would, according to a study proposed by Rep. Steve Handy, R-Layton. [Trib]

-> Most of the debate revolving around proposed "In God We Trust" license plates involves where the proceeds will be sent. [Trib]

Where are they?

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