Redford switches talent agencies
Published: November 9, 2012 11:32AM
Updated: November 9, 2012 11:32AM
Robert Redford appears in a public service announcement, posted Monday on YouTube, to launch "One Billion Rising," a campaign to call attention to the epidemic of rape and abuse against women around the world.

Hollywood insiders read the trade papers and websites the way Cold War diplomats would try divine clues about Russian policy by seeing who stood next to who on the Kremlin Wall during the May Day parade.

That’s especially true when a star switches talent agencies.

That happened today, when’s Nikki Finke declared in an “exclusive” that Utah’s own Robert Redford — actor, director, and founder of the Sundance Institute — has left Creative Arts Agency, his reps for the last 32 years, for William Morris Endeavor.

Interestingly, it was the William Morris Agency (which merged with Endeavor a few years ago) that first repped Redford when he was a struggling young actor in New York.

Redford, at 76, is as busy as ever. His political thriller “The Company You Keep,” which he directed and stars in, debuted at Toronto and will be released this spring. He recently finished filming “All Is Lost,” a one-man performance piece for director J.C. Chandor (“Margin Call”). And Redford, it was announced this week, is producing a series, “Valentines,” for the Sundance Channel.